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Seattle’s New Min Wage Law (As Jack Understands It)

Seattle‘s new minimum wage law goes into effect today. The law will eventually raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s phased in more quickly for big companies than small ones. Starting today, […]


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Ivar’s: No More Tipping Is Part Of Minimum Wage Formula

Have you ever met Bob Donegan, CEO of local fish eatery Ivar’s? I have, and he is a delight. His employees are his priority, along with high quality fish and chips. Have you ever been […]


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Personality Plus: Ivar’s President Carries On Ivar Haglund’s Tradition

Bob Donegan is an unassuming character. So much so that I didn’t realize I was speaking to the president of this longtime successful local company until we turned on our microphones and started gabbing.  I […]


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Jack’s Taste Test: Ivar’s Salmon, Cod and Halibut – Who’s The Top Fish?

Happy Birthday to Ivar’s – 108 years old today, March 19. They invite you to join them at any of the many Ivar’s restaurants and seafood bars to partake in the celebration. Buy one entree, […]