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Henry Rollins (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Henry Rollins Mans Up: ‘I Cannot Defend the Views I Expressed’

After controversial remarks on Robin Williams and suicide, Rollins responds with a new attitude and promise to “dig in and educate myself on this and do my best to evolve.”


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Henry Rollins Apologizes for Comments on Suicide

“I am not asking for a break from the caning, take me to the woodshed as much as you see fit,” he wrote. “If what I said has caused you to be done with me, I get it.”


(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Henry Rollins on Robin Williams, Suicide: ‘I No Longer Take This Person Seriously’

“Almost 40,000 people a year kill themselves in America,” Rollins notes. “In my opinion, that is 40,000 people who blew it.”


From Black Flag to Spoken Word

Henry Rollins hits the stage at the Paramount – May 27th, for his Frequent Flyer show… he’s been doing a Spoken Word/Stand-Up Comedy/Performance Art show for years now. Remember Black Flag? Head-bangin’ Henry — On stage, […]