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Jack’s Guide To Hempfest 2015

Enjoy the video above featuring the highlights of Hempfest 2013. This year at Myrtle Edwards Park on Seattle’s waterfront marks the 23rd year of the annual Hempfest Celebration, touted as the world’s largest annual cannabis […]


Lee Callahan, Jack FM 2013

Jack Goes To Hempfest 2014

We’re sending intrepid reporters Lee Callahan and Jason Burrows to the front lines of the all-weekend party known as Hempfest – the country’s largest Cannabis Reform event. They’ll broadcast all the fun from the party […]



Seattle Police Respond To ‘Colbert Report’

Stephen Colbert used SPD in a piece for the ‘Report’ — see what SPD has to say about it…


(photo credit: JACK Seattle)

Callahan’s Adventures In Hemp-Land [Video]

All the stuff I did this weekend at Hempfest in Myrtle Edwards Park: I met Henry Hemp who sent Jack Listeners a BOPE! I ate hemp ice cream and a hemp burger and I DID […]


Hempfest Photo By Jack Seattle

Hempfest Comes Alive [Photos, Part II]

Jack is having a great weekend at Hempfest, down by the water at Myrtle Edwards Park. There’s plenty of great food, music, speakers, vendor booths, tie-die t-shirts,people, and yes, people smoking pot. ALL things Hempfest […]


(photo credit: JACK Seattle)

Hempfest 2013: Looking For Butts And Buds

Yep, the festival is in full swing – a ton of folks from all walks of life are here and from all over the state and across the country. And why are these ‘ladies of […]


Lee Callahan, Jack FM 2013

Hempfest 2013: Meet Henry Hemp [Stoner Rap!]

Hempfest is packed but there’s room for more and everyone I’ve talked to down here is very friendly, especially this man in a great pot plant costume – Give a listen to Henry Hemp – […]



Will Smokers Get Busted At Hempfest? Seattle Police Tell All To Callahan

Down at Myrtle Edwards Park over the next 3 days, The Seattle Police department will be at Hempfest too. On Saturday the 17th, they are handing out bags of Doritos chips with new state marijuana […]


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SPD Handing Out Doritos At Hempfest – Funniest Tweet Ever

The Seattle Police Department has ingeniously hired someone, maybe a cop, to handle their Twitter account, and it is surprisingly one of the funniest out there. The big Doritos story broke a few days back, […]