Compete For A Role On "Glee"!

Exciting news from the world of ‘Glee!’ Producers officially announced they will launch a reality competition series to find the next star of the hit FOX comedy!


Paint Your Nails With "Glee"

Do you remember when top bands and actors had literally everything branded with their face?  I remember my assortment of [lastfm]NSYNC[/lastfm] lip balm and trading cards and it’s good to see some things just don’t […]


"Glee": 10 Meanest Santana Quotes

“Glee’s” Santana Lopez is the prettiest girl we love to hate. She’s the meanest cheerleader on the Cheerios, the hottest girl in the Glee club and one of the loosest girls in school.  Sinful Santana […]


"Glee's" Heather Morris Glams Up For "Teen Vogue"

It’s no secret that Heather Morris aka Britanny S. Pierce is one of our absolute favorite Glee characters. She’s hilarious, a great dancer, and has some of the best, albeit most absurd lines in the […]


"Glee": Introducing Klaine

Everyone loves name mash ups.  First there was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.  They were Bennifer.  Then there was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  They’re Bradgelina.  Now there’s a new superstar romance. Meet Klaine or Kurt […]


"Glee" Team Makes The List

Over the holiday, the team released its Best of 2010 List.  Gleeks will be thrilled with the results.  Original performers of the show’s biggest songs litter the list.  Check them out now just in […]


Ed O'Neill Denies Dissing Jane Lynch

“Modern Family” star Ed O’Neill denies saying that Jane Lynch didn’t deserve the Emmy she won earlier this year for “Glee”.


Glee: 10 Greatest Gifts For Rachel Berry Fans

As Christmas and regionals close in, you’re wondering what to get the Gleek your life.  Don’t worry.  We have you covered. Whether you’re a mellow tenor or a sassy soprano, we’re rolling out great Glee-centric […]


Ed O’Neill Doesn’t Think Jane Lynch Deserved to Win Her Emmy

Former “Married… with Children” star Ed O’Neill, who’s currently on “Modern Family,” doesn’t think that Jane Lynch deserved the Emmy she won earlier this year for “Glee”.


10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks

Do you have a Gleek on your holiday shopping list? They have the latest CD, the box set and even the Sue Sylvester megaphone. They have EVERYTHING…. so you think. Whether you’re shopping for a […]