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Guy Forgets Where He Parked His Car… For 5 Weeks

Surely we can all relate to temporarily forgetting where the car was parked. Now add in a trip to Oktoberfest and a forgetful brain and you’ve got trouble. A 40-year old man misplaced his car […]


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David Bowie’s Berlin Years With Iggy Pop Inspire New Biopic

David Bowie‘s time spent in Berlin, Germany in the late 1970s – during which time his roommate was Iggy Pop – is the stuff of sex, drugs and rock & roll myths. Now it seems […]


Paul The Octopus Gets Memorial

Anyone who followed this year’s World Cup remembers Paul the Octopus. The psychic octopus who predicted the outcomes of seven of Germany’s matches plus the final, is finally getting his reward.


Father Castrates 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Old Boyfriend

The father in this next story did something very illegal and very wrong, and he deserves to go to prison. But at the same time every other dad on the planet is going to think, […]