Obama: Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘A Victory For America’
6.28 Seattle Pride Parade On 4th Avenue
6.18 - 6.20 Parlor Seattle: Pride Comedy Heather McDonald And Gina Yashere
Russian Parliament Member Calls U2 'Songs of Innocence' Cover Homosexual PropagandaEven though it's actually a man and his son.
6.29 Seattle Pride Parade - Wave At Jack!
David Bowie Bashed by Catholic League: “He’s A Switch-Hitting, Bisexual”
Madonna: Addicted To Controversy (This Time She Takes On The Boy Scouts)
Stevie Wonder Apologizes For Anti-Gay Comments Involving Frank OceanThe takeaway from a recent career-spanning interview with Stevie Wonder in The Guardian has been anti-gay comments he made in regards to R&B newcomer Frank Ocean, whose music has drawn a number of comparisons to Wonder's. Now Wonder has clarified and apologized for those comments.
Can Perez Hilton Stop Being Mean???
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