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12  01-23  violinist interrupted by cel phone

Violinist Interrupted By A Cell Phone – See What Happened Next

It is the most infuriating addition to any performance for an artist and the audience. During a solo recital by Slovakian violist Lukas Kmit, at a Jewish orthodox synagogue in his native country, his performance was […]


“Meow”: Crazy Old Man Busts Up Interview With Animals Sounds

Whenever you want to know exactly what’s going in a news story, you hit the ground and get the intel from the eyewitness in the field… unless they only communicate in hoots, clicks and meows.


Ketchup Dispensing Robot

Always wanted a cooler and more efficient way to add ketchup to your burgers and hot dogs. This robot should do the trick. It is a bit messy, but who doesn’t want a condiment dispensing […]


Daily Cat-Cam

We hear everywhere that yoga is good for you… But cats have a different point of view…


Daily Cat-Cam

Some cats can hunt and some cats can pretend they can hunt… This cat is like Jack Nicholson in The Shining…


Daily Cat-Cam

Yeah, I know, my cat likes it soft too… This is what you get for buying the store brand instead of Charmin….


Daily Cat-Cam

The secrets to a great body: by cats… Exercise a lot… If you don’t have a treadmill, try a slide…


Daily Cat-Cam

We all like to believe we have the most “blank” cat… The most lovable, the most talkative, the most active… But how about having the longest cat ever???