The cast of HBO show 'Girls' (Jessica Miglio/courtesy of HBO)

YouTube User Composes Amazing New Theme Songs for Popular TV Shows

Listen to alternate theme songs for some of your favorite TV shows that are pretty, pretty good.


Getty Images. Photo By: Donald Kravitz

Wanna Get Fleetwood Mac Tickets Before The Cool Kids?

JACK knows how to make loving fun! Since you and JACK are amigos, he’s hooking YOU up with tickets to see Fleetwood Mac before everyone else. See…it pays to be friends with Jack. Check out the deatails


Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The Avengers….As Friends? [Video iFull]

This Friday, The Avengers hits theaters, so it’s only fitting we look at what life would have been like if the Avengers had been….a TV sitcom.


VIDEO Woman Gets Facebook Tattoo Of Her Friends Profile Pics

So this woman really loves her Facebook Friends … loves them enough to have there pictures tattooed on her arm. No really…Watch the video.


Jennifer Aniston Says "The Rachel" Was The Ugliest Haircut

Ahh, the 90’s.  Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character Rachel Green helped the salon industry as women flooded to get “The Rachel” as part of their look.  Seems everyone was into it, except one.


Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases

In the spirit of the season, we bring you the Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases.