One Out Of Five U.S. Divorces Now Involve Facebook?

Facebook is trying to ruin your marriage. According to a new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook is now involved in a jaw-dropping number of divorces.


Facebook To Launch Facial Recognition

Facebook has announced that it’s about to roll out facial recognition on your photos. So when you upload a photo, instead of having to manually tag your friends, Facebook will analyze the faces in the […]


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg "Time" Magazine Person of the Year

What do Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Ted Turner, and Joseph Stalin have in common with Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg?


Ashton Kutcher: “Pledging Your Love On Twitter or Facebook Is the Modern-Day Equivalent of Sending Flowers to the Office”

Ashton says that sending that special person in your life a romantic message on Twitter or Facebook is the equivalent of “sending flowers to the office”, because “you are declaring your love for everyone to […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 164

Holiday Special The Marty Riemer Show 5min Shorts # 3. Today’s Topic is “How Has Facebook Changed Your Life?”.  Marty and Jodi talked about how Facebook saved their career.  Are you getting used to 5 […]


These Are The Days You Are Going To Get Dumped.. According to Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, we can now predict when we’re going to get our hearts ripped out and stomped on. Metaphorically, of course. A British author named David McCandless ran a study on more than 10,000 […]


Show Off Your Halloween Hotness!

    Halloween’s quickly approaching and if you’ve got it, we want to flaunt it!


Top 4 Reasons People Unfriend You On Facebook

Question: Why do you unfriend people on Facebook? Christopher Sibona is a business student at the University of Colorado at Denver, and he just finished a survey of more than 1,500 people to figure out […]


Mother of the Year Award Goes To…

There are certain types of photos that are not appropriate for Facebook. You know, the usual naked pics, or those who take pictures of crimes being committed or the most common mistake… pics of your baby sucking on a […]


Thanks for the add, Facebook

And, welcome to Seattle!    Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced today that Facebook is opening an engineering office in our city.   A spokesperson for Facebook said the plan is to open the office in July, […]





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