84% of Us Plan On Looking For a New Job This Year

When you get to work today, take a look around. Let’s say you’ve got 20 co-workers. If they all get their wish, at least seventeen of them won’t be working there by 2012.


Few Americans Taking Vacations

What do you mean you are working? No Holidays vacation? Neither here. Compared with other countries at least other non-sweatshop countries our vacation time sucks. Even worse we’re so darn scared of losing our jobs […]


Office Romances Are Dying

Chalk this up as yet another thing that’s been ruined by the economy: You’ve lost your chance of making out in the copy room with that newly-divorced gal in accounting you’ve been lusting after. According […]


Five Tips For Saving Money at Starbucks

Today we’ve got a list of five ways to save money at Starbucks. And no, one of them isn’t, “For the love of God, stop going to Starbucks.” These tips come straight from Starbucks employees. […]