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Dumbass Of The Day: Murderer Butt-Dials Intended Victim

The Dumbass of the Day might just be the world’s dumbest murderer. (And surprise, surprise, he’s from Arkansas.) According to KAIT-TV, Larry Barnett accidentally revealed his “airtight” murder plot to the intended victim. Here’s how […]


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Dumbass Of The Day Wears Ankle Bracelet While Committing Crimes

Oh dumb criminals, how we love you. The conventional wisdom is that while you’re committing a crime, you try and make it as difficult as possible for police to catch you afterward. Defeats the purpose […]


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Dumbass(es) Of The Day Tell Police When They Plan To Commit A Crime

By now you’ve probably heard stories about crooks and idiots getting busted after posting information about their crimes on social media. Now some dumbasses in California have evolved into the next breed of stupid criminal. […]


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Dumbass Of The Day Sets His Wife On Fire

It’s hard to tell which part of this story is the dumbest. It could be the part when the dumbass thinks waving a lighter around near someone’s face is a good idea… or the part […]


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Shoplifting Mom Steals Candy, Leaves Baby Behind

For your Dumbass of the Day we present a mom with a wicked sweet tooth. Michelle Calderon apparently thought she needed almost $300 in gum, mints and cough drops, so she went into a candy […]


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Dumbass Of The Day: Guy Shoots Heroin While Driving, Crashes Into Cop Car

Darn, those police cruisers are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, aren’t they? A guy was just driving around his small town in Louisiana, minding his own business, shooting heroin while trying […]


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Paddle Boat = Not A Good Way To Escape From Cops

JACK’s Dumbass of the Day hails from Waterford, Michigan, a small town outside Detroit- a place where there’s a lot of small lakes. (Read on, it’ll make sense in a minute…) The details from the […]


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Dopey Deputy Busted For Selling Pot From Squad Car

Atlanta-area deputy busted for selling marijuana out of his squad car, while wearing his uniform and carrying a gun. What could go wrong?


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Dumbass Of The Day: Car Gets Towed With Kids Inside

A Houston dad is JACK’s Dumbass of the Day because he left his kids in the car in a no parking zone, and the car was towed.


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Dumbass Of The Day: Guy Parks On Beach, Tide Floods His Car [VIDEO]

A teen driver left his car to go for a picnic and when he returned, the tide had come in and the car was flooded.