Dumb and Dumber

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Jim Carey Reacts To Miley Cyrus [Video]

Finally, Hollywood’s elite is chiming in on the scuzzy one-fingered performance of the long-tongued former Mickey Mouse Club member Miley Cyrus. Okay, it’s a stupid ‘gag’ but we liked it and could not agree more […]


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Yep, We’re Disgusting: Jack’s Oscar Noms For Best Movie Bathroom Humor (Hilarious Vids)

Fart scenes are funny. They’re even funnier when a good case of the squirts are added in for good measure. Jack celebrates the very best in this particular genre! Who is your Jack Oscar Winner? […]


CNN Broadcasts Diarrhea Scene From "Dumb and Dumber" by Mistake

If CNN keeps doing stuff like this, I might have to start watching. I’m not sure how a mistake this bad happened on real TV: CNN was doing a story on the student protests in […]