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Meet The Secret Service Dogs Who Took Down White House Intruder [Video]

Dominic Adesanya is accused of climbing over a fence and onto the North Lawn of the White House last night. He was quickly arrested, after allegedly kicking and punching two Secret Service dogs. Rreports say […]


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Sharing Your Bed With The Dog And Cat? Not A Great Idea

Health Matters on 965 Jack FM… our way of saying that we actually do care about you. A new study from the Mayo Clinic says that even though you love sharing your bed with your […]


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Five Forbidden Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Furry Friends

We know we’re not supposed to feed our dogs table scraps, but so many of us do it anyway. But there are five specific things you really need to be concerned about, some even veterinarians didn’t […]


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FDA Seeks Pet Owner Help On Dangerous Jerky Treats

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — The Food and Drug Administration is trying to solve a stubborn mystery surrounding the deaths of almost 600 dogs that ate jerky treats, and officials are hoping pet owners and veterinarians can help […]


Music For Dogs At Vivid LIVE

Dogs Play Bluegrass [Video]

Marlo Von Woofer (left) And Carl Bacon (right) are gearing up for a Bluegrass festival happening next month in Wichita, Kansas. JACK was able to obtain some footage of the famous duo practicing ahead of the big performance.


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Negligent Pooper Scoopers Get Punished! [VIDEO]

Apparently people in Brunete, Spain are pretty bad about cleaning up after their dogs. So bad in fact, that the mayor started boxing up the poo and sending it back to its rightful owners.


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Tails Wag On News Of TV Channel For Dogs [VIDEO]

Satellite provider DirecTV is launching a 24-hour subscription cable channel for dogs next month allowing your pup to become as much of a couch potato as you are.



Open Window + Moving Car = Happiness [VIDEO]

JACK is willing to bet this awesome compilation video of floppy dog lips and slobbery dog tongues flapping in the wind will make you smile.


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Cat (Or Dog) Scratch Fever

The fur is about to start flying at the Washington Lottery. The search is on for the state’s most adorable cats and dogs and you get to decide which six animals will be featured on […]


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Our Pot-Sniffing Dogs Need To Find New Jobs…

The pot-sniffing dogs have to find something else do to. Voters in Washington state legalized pot last November. Now, the state patrol and some other police agencies are retraining their K-9 cops. The Washington Association […]