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Ashton Kutcher: “Pledging Your Love On Twitter or Facebook Is the Modern-Day Equivalent of Sending Flowers to the Office”

Ashton says that sending that special person in your life a romantic message on Twitter or Facebook is the equivalent of “sending flowers to the office”, because “you are declaring your love for everyone to […]


The Wait Is Over…. Miley Is 18 today

Miley Cyrus turns 18 today. I know, finally a reason to be thankful for thanksgiving…  But she started celebrating her birthday Sunday night after the “American Music Awards” with a party at a nightclub called […]


Deep Thoughts from Ashton

His movie, Killers, came in 3rd this weekend, behind Shrek and Get Him to the Greek. This means he now gets to speak to the press: Ashton Kutcher says it doesn’t matter that his wife […]