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Is Russell Wilson Dating Ciara?

According to the Seattle PI, who spotted this juicy tweet – from Major League Baseball – it looks like recently-single Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was seen out in public with a famous pop star. Speculation is that […]


Single White Feline

This viral video is creepier then this guy’s cat. Hard to believe, we know. Word of warning to any single, white female viewers. Make sure your cat is not present when you hit “play” …..


Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Getting It On?

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds may have hooked up over New Year’s. Ryan spent the weekend with Sandra at her home in Austin, Texas and on New Year’s Eve, they celebrated at her restaurant, Bess […]


Chicks dig your …

Gentlemen:   Get out your iPhone.    According to a new study published by PC World, women are more likely to date a man packing an iPhone. The British-based online phone store Phones 4u reportedly surveyed […]