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Which Oscar-Nominated Films Have the Most Geek Cred?

We rate the 2015 Best Picture Oscar nominees based on geek appeal—meaning, how many superhero films their cast members starred in. You just might be surprised.


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Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 Things to Avoid

Marvel announced yesterday that everyone’s favorite web slinger, Spider-Man, is going to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Not Happy News: Archie Andrews To Be Killed Off

What the hell? Breaking News! Iconic comic book teen Archie Andrews is going to be KILLED OFF! It was just announced on the official Archie website that in July of this year, Archie Andrews dies […]


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Official Avengers Trailer Next Week

That’s right comic book fans! It is almost time for our first real look at the latest Marvel-based movie.


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Kevin Smith Comic Book Store Reality Series

Pawn Shops, Repo Yards, and Cake Makers have all gotten their own reality shows. Now a Comic Book shop gets its day in the sun.



Why Do So Many People Come To Atlanta For Dragon*con?

Dragon*con 2011 Parade (Pt 1)view gallery Some come to Atlanta to attend Dragon*con Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention to meet their favorite celebrities, like Carrie Fisher and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]William Shatner[/lastfm]. Some come to dress up like their […]


Hollywood Blvd Character Impersonators Protest Ban Against Them

Superman Breaks Up With Lois Lane In September

Even the assuming most “meant to be” couple in our story could end up in new scenario.


Stan Lee Cameo Collection

Marvel has made a habit of including Stan Lee Cameo’s in all their films. This is a nice compilation of all his cameos through 2008. See how many you remember.


Laughter is the Breast Medicine

  We like it – Laughs and a great cause!    Comedy Underground will be hosting the The Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour,  April 1st through 3rd.  Four nationally acclaimed stand-up comics, Kevin Richards, Nick Hoff, Brendan Gleason and Law […]