Comic-Con 2010

Comic Con 2010: The Sun Sets On Nerdville

Well, here we are. As the COMIC-CON supernova flickered it’s final light and we dragged our aching bodies for a final lap around the Convention Center, it’s almost as if San Diego has finally resigned […]


Comic Con 2010: New “TRON: Legacy” Trailer Blows Audience Away

Disney execs threw nerds into a tizzy today when they released the latest trailer for TRON: Legacy. Watch above to see what everyone is talking about.


Will Ferrell at Comic Con

Comic genius Will Ferrell and frequent collaborator Adam McKay stopped by Comic-Con 2010 to have a chat with JACK’s sister station KROQ. Will and Adam talk about their new film “The Other Guys” and whether […]


Comic Con 2010: My Mission To Get Every Freebie

At Comic Con, there’s a lot of “stuff” changing hands. You can barely walk around without someone trying to hand you something. Cards, pens, temporary tattoos, skateboard decks (okay, not those) and so much more. […]