Cleveland Cavaliers

Ex-Homeless Person Still With The Same Golden Radio Voice

When we posted the video, on Jack, Ted Williams, was still homeless, the video only had 356 hits, but he is still got that golden radio voice that we pointed out yesterday. Now only 24 […]


Michigan Man Blames LeBron For Drunk Driving Arrest

It seems everyone’s after LeBron these days, but this seems a little far fetched to us. According to police reports, a 30 year old Flint man was pulled over for drunk driving around 3 a.m. on […]


Betty White Makes LeBron Quite The Offer To Stay In Cleveland

Is it just us or is Betty White everywhere you look these days?! Check out this hilarious video of the cast of Hot In Cleveland begging LeBron James to stay in Cleveland with Betty promising “I’ll make it worth […]