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Seattle Named One Of The Messiest Cities

We usually make lists that make us sound good: Most Read, Most College Grads, Most Millionaires, Best Coffee, etc. But now Seattle has been knocked down a few pegs because we are not cleaning up after […]


The Most Stressful City in America

Recently, the people over at “Forbes” compiled a list of the most stressful cities in America, based on traffic, pollution, unemployment rate, population density and weather. So next time you complain about Seattle when you […]


Best 10 Cities For Shopping

If you want to do some hardcore shopping, you might as well go to a state where they laugh at you if you build a mall that’s any smaller than 15 football fields. “Forbes” just […]


Top Smartest and Dumbest Cities in The U.S

It’s time for every American’s favorite pastime judging other people for being dumber than they are! Yeeeeeeey ranked the 200 biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. from smartest to dumbest. It’s based on the […]