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Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 124

Today’s show begins on a sobering note as we memorialize the passing of two talented entertainers that we were fortunate enough to have hosted on our show in the past – one of them, many […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 117

Numerous revelations on today’s podcast. Jodi once applied for work on a sex talk line and didn’t get the gig because she couldn’t take the talk seriously.  Marty milked cows before school as a pre-adolescent […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 113

Today, modern technology did not fail us (yeah, I’m looking at you, Monday!) and the PODcast went off without a hitch. Unless you count someone in Marty’s Hawaiian condo complex banging on his window to […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 108

After three days immersed in the sights and sounds of Bumbershoot, it’s time for a full comprehensive festival blowout recap. Hear outspoken folk rocker Billy Bragg‘s review of Saturday’s Dylan show.  Hear how the Syracuse, […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 91

Today, model Erin Tinsley, who’s rallying her friends and fans to raise money for the Gulf Coast Recovery (, joins Marty and Jodi as they all commiserate about how difficult it is to be beautiful. […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 80

It’s mortgage Monday, or Black Monday in the case of our two guests. Today, we are joined by two rather ordinary Seattleites who got buried by the economic downturn – and in one case a […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 55

Chris Mays, our PODcast musical director, stops in today to spotlight two cool new releases, one from the former J. Geils lead singer Peter Wolf . On our way there, we detour to discuss the […]