Harrison Ford smiling waving

5 Harrison Ford Close Calls in Movies

We’re glad the man was able to pull off an amazing escape in real life, since he does it in the movies pretty often.


harrison ford plane crash

The Inevitable Star Wars Related Tweets About Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

When a legendary sci-fi hero survives a catastrophic event, the creativity of fanboys and fangals on Twitter ignites.


Guest List: Will Ferrell Shows His Dramatic Side In ‘Everything Must Go’ Interview

Nick Hasley (Will Ferrell) is having a bad day.  He lost his job. His wife left him. And he returned home only to find his possessions dumped all over the lawn–forcing him to get rid […]


Jack’s Salute To The Royal Wedding

So apparently there was a Royal Wedding today, and it was kind of big deal. Here at Jack we have mostly been trying to avoid it all day, but we decided it could no longer be ignored. […]


Lindsay Lohan Is One Of The Favorites To Be The First Celebrity Arrested For Drugs In The New Year

Lindsay Lohan is one of the odds-on favorites to be the first celebrity arrested for drugs in 2011.


Memorable 2010 Celebrity Weddings

A lot of stars tied the noose in 2010. Probably to get divorced in 2011. I wonder how many of them signed prenups?


The Top Celebrity Feuds of 2010

E! Online keeps spitting out end-of-the-year lists. Their latest is the Top 10 Celebrity Feuds of the Year.


Kim Kardashian Was the Most Searched-For Celebrity of 2010

According to Bing.com Kim Kardashian was the most searched-for celebrity of 2010. You people that hate her, or love her are making her more and more popular. By the way handling Kim on top is […]