Cat Video

(Photo credit: Soe Than WIN/AFP/Getty Images)

How To Properly Massage… A Cat [VIDEO]

You probably never imagined there was a right or wrong way to pet a cat. Let JACK help educate you. Thanks to this nice lady on YouTube, we learn that it’s called ‘massage’ and that […]


(Photo credit: Soe Than WIN/AFP/Getty Images)

French Ninja Cats Terrorize Humans [VIDEO]

Our boss here at Jack once said, never, ever put up a kitty video on our website. Well, these may be kitties, but they are far from being your cute cuddly kittens. Be warned, some […]


Daily Cat-Cam

You should not be worried by that face… UNLESS YOU’RE A MOUSE!!!


Daily Cat-Cam

We all like to believe we have the most “blank” cat… The most lovable, the most talkative, the most active… But how about having the longest cat ever???


Daily Cat-Cam

This is exactly how I wake up on Wednesdays… too tired to get up; hit the snooze button for 10 more minutes of sleep; turn around again… Poor cat, give her a break! She wants […]