Cat Cam

Daily Cat-Cam

Based on the premise that cats rule and dogs drool, we’re going back to our daily cat-cam… How about that kitty that plays dead when shot… with a finger gun???


Daily Cat-Cam

Remember that important call you were expecting after that job interview? That one you never got? Well…


Daily Cat-Cam

We all need a little coffee break during the day… It’s just that some of us choose rock rather than smooth jazz…


Daily Cat-Cam

Cat vs Alligator = Cat wins… Cat vs Rabbit = Rabbit wins… Cat vs Baby = Cat wins… Cat vs Snake = Cat wins… Cat vs Turkey = Turkey wins… But how about Cat vs […]


Daily Cat-Cam

Have you heard of spider-cat? Or this is just another case of cats on caffeine?


Daily Cat-Cam

Christmas is almost here and there’s so much to do… Buy presents, decorate the tree and the house, send Christmas cards, wrap the cat…


Daily Cat-Cam

The secrets to a great life: by cats… Listen to your partener…


Daily Cat-Cam

He says the hare was a lot faster, but he was insterested in doing some sightseeing too, so he took the turtle…


Daily Cat-Cam

This is exactly how I wake up on Wednesdays… too tired to get up; hit the snooze button for 10 more minutes of sleep; turn around again… Poor cat, give her a break! She wants […]



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