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Jack’s SIFF Movie Picks: Banana, Boulevard And Beach Town

Here’s what’s looking fun at The Seattle International Film Festival this week: Banana A young boy nicknamed Banana because of his fruit-shaped foot wants to get the girl of his dreams. Basing his philosophy on […]


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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Cast List Includes Most of the Avengers

Lots of Avengers will appear in the next Captain America film, with one notable exception. We hope this doesn’t make him mad.



Captain America And Spider-Man Hate Each Other In Real Life

Three guys dressed as Captain America and Spider-Man started throwing punches on Hollywood Boulevard.



Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

The folks over at LoveFilm have compiled a list of the 10 most paused movie moments based on reader votes. 1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct (1992) – 31 % 2. Jennifer […]


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Captain America 2 In 2014

During a recent press tour, Captain America star Chris Evans gave us a hint on when we can expect a sequel.


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How Captain America Should Have Ended

Captain America was almost universally praised, but some were disappointed with the ending. So someone came up with a new one.


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More Marvel Movies On The Way

Disney has announced two more mystery release dates for Marvel themed movies.


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New Captain America Trailer

Excited For Captain America? Here is a new theatrical trailer to wet your appetite.


New Official Captain America Trailer

This week saw the release of another Official Captain America Trailer.


First Look At Captain America

During last night’s Super Bowl we were treated to our first official look at the new Captain America movie.