Cameron Diaz

Ready for Summer School? Bad Teacher Hits Theaters

  She’s a class act. But in her latest flick, Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz plays a pot smoking, stiletto wearing, cussing middle school teacher. Yeah, we know you wouldn’t mind a little detention with her….


The Green Hornet Interviews: Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry, Christoph Waltz

Posing like villains, acting like heroes, rolling in an indestructible mobile fortress dubbed “The Black Beauty,” and terrorizing the streets of L.A. pyrotechnics style: These are just a fraction of the things you’ll see in […]


Is Cameron Diaz Hot For Teacher?

Over the weekend, Cameron Diaz was spotted with “Glee” star Matthew Morrison.  Were they talking business? Were they on a date? Were they exchanging secrets on how to achieve the world’s greatest hair?