Archie (Callahan)

Answer: Where’s Callahan’s Dog? (May 30, 2014)

The big, beautiful GREAT WHEEL in Seattle. On the Waterfront. Good Dog, Archie! -Callahan, Jack FM NOTE: There is no prize associated with “Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today” as is not a contest. No winners shall […]


Archie (Photo by Lee Callahan)

Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today?

Archie and I set out for an easy stroll through a particular Northwest neighborhood when we came upon this ridiculous fun monstrosity. Where exactly are we? Why do we do this? Because if you’re gonna walk […]


Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Callahan’s 30-Second Hawk Preview – Rams Edition

Tonight our Hawks are in a town that doesn’t give one rat’s **s about their football team. St. Louis. As a matter of fact, because their baseball playin’ Cardinals are in the World Series, and […]



Typical Day At Jack FM: Callahan’s Lunch Mistaken For Dead Rat…With Butter

Thought I’d eat healthy today, so I popped this little critter in the microwave for 7 minutes… and on goes the butter. Yum! Until Matty, our receptionist, walks in and nearly screams, “Is that a […]