(Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Burglar Steals Chocolate From Burien Church

He went through all that trouble to break into a church and startle a woman of the cloth, and then all he did was take about $5 worth of chocolate. Perhaps he had a spiritual […]


(Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Slightly Stupid Burglar Gets Stuck In Pioneer Square Wall

Fresh off the presses: The Case of the Stuck Dry-wall Burglar. According to the Metro News, some dude tried to break into an apartment building in Pioneer Square, got stuck between the wall and an […]


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Spokane Grandmother of 10 Holds Burglar At Gunpoint

SPOKANE, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — Spokane police say a grandmother held a burglar at gunpoint at her home until authorities arrived. KXLY-TV reports that Sandy Mize, a grandmother to 10, fired a warning shot and held […]



Jack’s Doofuses Of The Day: Drunken Thieves, Bingo Yellers, and Tadpole Mouth Smugglers

Man Banned From Saying “Bingo” For Six Months A Covington, Kentucky man is legally forbidden from saying the word “bingo” for the next six months. NKY.com reports that a judge has barred 18-year old Austin […]