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The Marty Riemer Show Bumbershoot Interview Series 2

#3, Bob Schneider One of our weirdest backstage interviews at Bumbershoot 2010. Oh, our conversation with Austin’s Bob Schneider started out sane enough, reflecting on Austin’s own massive music festival, SXSW. But somewhere between asking […]


The Marty Riemer Show Bumbershoot Interview Series 1

#1, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs have been on a tear lately.  Prior to their packed Saturday Bumbershoot 2010 performance, Star and her guitarist Justin Davis told us […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 114

Today you can hear our wild backstage podcast with Visqueen‘s Rachel Flotard, recorded but a couple hours before her 2010 Bumbershoot performance. The smart and funny Rachel Flotard — not the other Rachel Flotard that […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 108

After three days immersed in the sights and sounds of Bumbershoot, it’s time for a full comprehensive festival blowout recap. Hear outspoken folk rocker Billy Bragg‘s review of Saturday’s Dylan show.  Hear how the Syracuse, […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 107

You know how we love former radio people.  Now there’s a group that understands our level of bitterness.  No wait, there’s a group that knows how to bring the entertainment. Case in point: comedian Marc Maron, who’s […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 103

Our two-day celebration of our 100th episode behind us, we can now focus on the next big entry on our calendar – B U M B E R S H O O T! Our final […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 100

Happy 100th!  It’s officially our 100th episode, although the party takes place tomorrow and Wednesday.  Tune in for that as we recall some of the funniest, most awkward, most musical moments of the past 100. […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 95

It’s a weekend recap.  Jodi participated in her first garage sale.  How many customers did she punch in the face?  And Marty attended far-from-his-first high school reunion.  How many of his old classmates punched him […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 93

While some scientists are busy trying to eradicate disease and poverty from the planet, others are tackling an even more insurmountable task – trying to create a being that actually likes jazz. Shimon – the […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 90

The School of Rock is a national program that takes young (8-18 years of age) aspiring musicians, teams them with professional artists for weekly private lessons, organizes group rehearsals, and finally – if all goes […]