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Not Eating Red Meat May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

According to a new study, young women who eat less red meat may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life. Researchers studied women between the ages of 26 and 45. These […]


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Girls Get Motorboated For Charity. Seriously. [Video]

If you’re a woman, at first you may think, ‘You tacky dorks! You sexist frat-boys.” But then, you start to come around, and remember that a lot of guys really like boobs. You can’t deny […]


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6.2 The Susan G Komen Race For The Cure: Survivor Heidi May On A Great Day In Seattle

Local Seattle broadcaster and breast cancer survivor Heidi May made her annual pilgrimage to the Jack studios today to get us excited about this year’s Race For The Cure. June 2nd is the day, so […]