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Screen Capture Bob's Burgers Comic-Con Reel.

Tonight: Bob’s Burgers Cast At The Neptune (Linda And Louise Speak To Callahan)

5/8 For fans of thes animated series, the whole cast is coming in may to do the show LIVE



Bob’s Burgers’ Louise: On Her Comedy Central Meltdown And The Worst Stage In The World

Kristen Schaal is having a marvelous career. She’s a stand-up comedian, a voice actress on the hit show Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, The Simpsons, and you’ve seen her acting chops on 30 Rock with Tina […]


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Louise on BOB’S BURGERS – What Do You Want To Know About KRISTEN SCHAAL?

Fox TV’s highly rated animated freak show, Bob’s Burgers, is coming to Seattle to perform LIVE! Whatever that means… Tomorrow, I talk to the 3rd cast member to be interviewed –  the voice behind Louise, […]


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John Roberts Is Linda From “Bob’s Burgers”

In addition to landing a plumb voice-over gig, John Roberts does major Drag all over the internets.   Hear Lee Callahan’s interview here.