Callahan's Sports: Ichiro's 3000 Hits Collage, Mike McCready And Bill Gates Play Tennis...Both of the non-pro tennis players were nailing it.
10.27 On Jack: Sherman Is Harry Potter, JBJ Is A Whiner, Bill Gates Won't Give It All To His KidsAnd Justin Trousersnake took a selfie in the voting booth.
This Is What An $8 Million Home Looks Like A house in Medina, WA is going for a modest $8.3 million. The price tag isn't too surprising, considering the city of Medina -- one of the wealthiest cities in the state -- is home to Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.
Bill Gates Is Investing In The Newest And Greatest Condom
Microsoft Once Tried To Buy Sub Pop Records For $4MThe two local companies hardly seem like they would cross paths, but in 1994 Microsoft offered to purchase Sub Pop for four million dollars.
Who's The Nerdiest? Us Or Portland? Seattle Places On The Top Ten List
Most Powerful People In The World

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