Barack O’bama

Sonic Boom! (Nearly Crapped Myself!)

Today was both an exciting, yet terrifying day in Seattle with president Barack Obama in town. Obama came to our fair pacific northwest abode to promote senator Patty Murray, and visit some local business’s in […]


Obama and Leno Yuck it up…

At the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner this weekend in DC, Comedian Jay Leno opened the show and joked about the news coverage of President Barack Obama.


Obama Made How Much?!?!?!

  The president’s tax return shows he made a mere $5.5 million last year, mostly on book sales. The more you make, the more you pay, that’s how it works. Obama’s total tax bill was just […]


Barack O’Bama – as Irish as they get…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – The Corrigan Brothers sing an ode to their favorite countryman.




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