Heart-Melting Video Of A Dog And Baby, Go! [Video]

If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will. Or, you don’t have a soul. Either one.


credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

We Don’t Know Which Is Scarier [Video iFull]

A baby with it’s first Light Saber, or the fact that Daddy had a baby to begin with.  Obviously a fan boy, Dad takes his full size Light Saber into a duel with a toddler.


Best Video Of The Week…

It’s adorable, it’s funny, it’s probably the best video this week! If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you wait until you’re having a crappy day and you feel down, because this video is therapeutical […]


Baby Trashes A Bar

Not that we haven’t gone on our own share of benders, but something about a baby doing it makes us realize how stupid we must look!


Is This The Most Pessimistic Baby in the History of Babies?

There’s a new video online of a baby in a bathtub, and he either only knows the word “no”, or he just likes saying it a lot. Because his parents ask him questions like, “Do you […]


Elton John is Now a Dad

Santa got Elton John the best present ever: A baby! One of the world’s biggest rock stars is celebrating possibly his proudest work. Sir Elton John, who married his partner David Furnish five years ago, […]


Justin Bieber And Lady Gaga: Youtube Monsters

Justin Beiber and Lady gaga are absolutely tearing up Youtube. According to a company called TubeMogul, which tracks and analyzes video performance on the Internet, within the next month, both Justin and Lady Gaga are […]