JEFFREYS BAY, EASTERN CAPE - JULY 19: In this screen grab from footage by the World Surf League, Mick Fanning of Australia  being attacked by a Shark at the Jbay Open on July 19, 2015 in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. (Photo by WSL/WSL via Getty Images)

Pro Surfer Fights Off Shark Attack [Video]

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Knocked off his board by an attacking shark, three-time world champion Mick Fanning punched the creature before escaping unharmed during the televised finals of a world surfing competition in South Africa on […]



Terrifying Moose Attack Caught On Film

We think we have found the studliest researcher in the world. The man in this video is Wes Livingston, a scientist working on a moose study with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. In this video, he is […]


(Photo by Claus van Amsberg/Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Attack Of The Devil Baby [Video]

The marketing team for the new movie, Devil’s Due, is taking to the streets of New York City to freak out the locals. This viral stunt is the biggest non-Seahawks news being talked about today, […]


(Photo by Dustin Finkelstein/Getty Images)

John Mellencamp’s Sons Accused In Porch Beating

John Mellencamp’s teenage sons are facing charges of felony battery in Bloomington, Indiana. According to the “Herald Times,” the boys, 18-year-old Speck and 19-year-old Hud, are accused of beating up a 19-year-old man at the […]


Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Grizzly Bear Attack Caught on Camera

What happens when an attempt to relocate a wayward grizzly bear ends up with you falling right into its waiting jaws?


Right Out of Hitchcock: Birds Attack Cops in Everett

Crows have been attacking police in the parking lot of an Everett Police Department precinct station. They’ve been swooping down and dive-bombing the officers as they walk to and from their cars. Lt. Bob Johns […]


Daily Cat-Cam

Every family has a grinch. And some times, the grinch is not green…