Callahan and Archie (Photo by Jack Seattle)

Answer: Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today?

Have you been to The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle? It’s pretty cool. It’s down by the waterfront – just north of all the piers and just before you get to Myrtle Edwards Park. The […]


Archie (Callahan)

Answer: Where’s Callahan’s Dog? (May 30, 2014)

The big, beautiful GREAT WHEEL in Seattle. On the Waterfront. Good Dog, Archie! -Callahan, Jack FM NOTE: There is no prize associated with “Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today” as is not a contest. No winners shall […]


Archie (Callahan)

Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today?

Callahan and her dog try to get a jog in everyday. Today, Archie took Lee to a loud and dangerous place. Pretty at first glance, but then… Where exactly are we? Let us know in […]


Callahan and Archie (Photo by Jack Seattle)

Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today?

Archie and I set out for an innocent jog through a particular Northwest neighborhood when we came upon these iconic objects. Where exactly are we? Let us know in the comments section below. Why do […]


Archie - Post Adventure (Photo by Lee Callahan)

Where’s Callahan’s Dog Today?

Lee Callahan and Archie often go on adventures around Seattle.


Illustration by Lee Callahan

Not Happy News: Archie Andrews To Be Killed Off

What the hell? Breaking News! Iconic comic book teen Archie Andrews is going to be KILLED OFF! It was just announced on the official Archie website that in July of this year, Archie Andrews dies […]