Alec Baldwin

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A-List Celebrities Who Look Like Cute Animals [Photos]

Celebrities, cute animals…WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?! You know him from the Capital One credit card commercials, but puppy-lovers know him as the little one they want to take home to snuggle with!  (Photo credit: Koichi […]


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Alec Baldwin: Bad Boy, Again?

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is reportedly investigating Alec Baldwin’s alleged racial exchange with a black photographer. The “New York Post” says investigators interviewed the photographer and a reporter about the weekend incident. The […]


Hey Baldwin!  I'll show you what this hand is for! (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney Slaps Alec Baldwin Around

No one likes to be slapped in the face. Unless it’s by Sir Paul McCartney, then it seems one might make an exception.