NYC By RC Plane

Ever wanted to take a person flight around NYC. This video gives you a bird’s eye view from a top an remote control airplane.


Kevin Smith Still Has Trouble Flying

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he was too big for a single seat.  On Monday he had a problem with another airline… this time he was not […]


Remembering The King Of Parody Leslie Nielsen

Take a moment. Look at this photo. Airplane! surely was a great film. The Naked Gun trilogy surely brings some of the funniest moments in movie history. And Leslie Nielsen? Surely one of the greatest […]


-Surely, You Can’t Be Serious. -I Am Serious; And Don’t Call Me Shirley

  The world of comedy has lost one of its greatest. Leslie Nielsen the comedy legend who starred in “Airplane!” and the “Naked Gun” movies . . . died Sunday at a hospital near his […]


18 Movies That Might Be Too Un-Pc To Be Made Today

With all the controversy over Vince Vaughn’s “Electric cars are gay” line in “The Dilemma”, “Entertainment Weekly” put together a list of 18 movies that we all know and love but might be too politically […]


So Long to a Hollywood Legend

Peter Graves has passed away at the age of 83. The actor, perhaps best remembered for his work on the TV series “Mission: Impossible,” and in the hilarious movies “Airplane!” and “Airplane II: The Sequel.” […]