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Man Counts To 100,000 On YouTube

How high can you go in terms of counting? 100? 1,000? Or 10,000? Not even close to this guy named Jon, who counts to 100,000. I’m not kidding, and for heads-up, the video is over […]


The Miami Heat’s Problems Have Cost a Bar Owner $30,000 And Counting

When Lebron James decided to go to the Miami Heat, people in the media overreacted and instantly declared that the Heat would be the greatest team in the history of mankind. And the people of […]


Flying Car Ready For Take Off

We’re getting closer to the Jetsons than we thought. The FAA has just approved a FLYING CAR made by Terrafugia. Although the two-seater vehicle  is over the limit for Light Sports Aircraft by 110 pounds, the FAA said […]