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Employment Opportunities

96.5 KJAQ, an equal opportunity employer, is

dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job

vacancies at the station.  We seek the help of local

community organizations in referring qualified

applicants to our station.  Community organizations that

wish to receive our vacancy information should

contact CAROL NELSON at KJAQ by calling

(206) 805-1100.

In addition, all listeners are encouraged to visit for an online listing of job openings

at all CBS radio stations.

Advertise on JACK FM

96.5 JACK FM is built around the principle that if you play all kinds of music people like with as few interruptions as possible then people will listen. JACK is a broad-based, mainstream music oriented station playing a large variety of Pop, Rock, Alternative and CHR hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today with low repetition. The JACK FM music library is about four times the size of the average radio station.

96.5 JACK FM has no talk, on-air promotions, traffic reports, news, weather, or anything else that gets in the way of the music. Consequently, that’s why your commercials on JACK FM work…because listeners know there aren’t that many commercials and the music will be back quickly so they don’t tune away.

96.5 JACK FM is not responsible for other radio salespeople whining in your office while you discuss this with them. However, we will take full responsibility for our listeners showing their appreciation for you supporting JACK FM by frequenting your business.

Laura Hohnhaus
Promotion Coordinator e-mail
Cindy Johnson
General Sales Manager e-mail