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JACK Together 7: Asking Someone Out

Want to know how to ask someone out? Just Ask Lyonel!


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JACK Together 6: Mobile Dating App

Use your phone to JACK Together.


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JACK Together 5: How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

Stuck in the friendzone? Lyonel shares his secrets on how to escape it!


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JACK Together 4: How To Be More Attractive

JACK Together has five simple tips on how to make yourself more attractive.


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JACK Together 3: Saving Money Online

Don’t cough up your paycheck just to find a decent date!


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JACK Together 2: We Love, Cherish, & Care

JACK Together offers a personable approach you won’t find on any other dating site.


JACK Together DL

JACK Together 1: Introduction

Curious to see what JACK Together is all about? Let Lyonel Lovebtter fill you in!


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Buscemi Parodies ’50 Shades of Grey’ [Video]

This Valentine’s Day, “50 Shades of Grey” has a new star. The one and only, Steve Buscemi. Who could ask for a more sexy devil? The long-time movie star, recently famous for the TV series […]


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Marshawn Teaches Conan How To Grab His **** After A TD

This is fantastic. Anytime we get to see Marshawn Lynch being himself and having fun, why, we Seahawks fans just celebrate! And when we see him doing something fun with the crotch grab that got him […]