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Health Matters

Latest Health Matters

Tim Boyle
Hulton Archive

Be A Giver: Puget Sound Blood Center

Want to  help out your fellow man and woman and child? Get poked – by a very unobtrusive needle at the Puget Sound Blood Center nearest you. The pint you give will save a life […]


(photo credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images)

5 Numbers That Could Save Your Life

There are five numbers that everyone should know by heart but most people probably don’t. Almost everyone can easily recite addresses, social security, telephone, and pin numbers but it’s unlikely that any of those will […]


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Five Forbidden Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Furry Friends

We know we’re not supposed to feed our dogs table scraps, but so many of us do it anyway. But there are five specific things you really need to be concerned about, some even veterinarians didn’t […]


(Photo by: David McNew/Getty Images)

Consumer Reports’ Study Reveals Dangers In Chicken

If you eat chicken, a concerning report came out today potential health risks. Consumer Reports’ tests of more than 300 raw chicken breasts revealed 97 percent harbored bacteria that can potentially make you sick.  On American […]


Reg Speller
Collection: Hulton Archive

Chance Of Twins May Increase With Woman’s Age

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a precious moment. But, for more and more parents, that moment is coming with a bit of shock. There has been a major jump in the number of […]


Tim Boyle
Hulton Archive

Give Blood At The Puget Sound Blood Center

Giving blood will undoubtedly save a life. So many people get in vicious car wrecks this time of year. Holiday reverie is quite the culprit. Hospitals need your blood for emergency transfusions and the like. […]


Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Beware Of Germy Surfaces

Germy Surface: Restroom Doors Doctors say it’s best to use a paper towel to open public restroom doors. Germy Surface: Cutting Boards – Lemon wedges in water glasses are another hot spot, carrying germs from servers […]


(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Plastic Surgery: Not So Pretty

Considering a new face in the new year? Wait a minute, because a new study says the plastic surgery on your face may not make you look more attractive or younger to others. Bummer! It […]



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