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Study: Home That’s Too Clean Could Leave Newborn Vulnerable To Asthma, Allergies

You may want to think twice before breaking out the ole’ duster. In a recent study out of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, keeping your home too clean may lead to asthma and allergy […]


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Study: People More Stressed At Home Than At Work

Health Matters on 965 Jack FM: Tips for a better life. But remember, we’re not doctors! Get this: people are more stressed out at home than they are at work. A new study from researchers […]


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Spring Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinet

Health Matters on 965 Jack FM:  Our way of saying we need to keep our listeners alive! It’s time to spring clean that medicine cabinet of yours.  Doctors say get in there at least once a year […]


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Sharing Your Bed With The Dog And Cat? Not A Great Idea

Health Matters on 965 Jack FM… our way of saying that we actually do care about you. A new study from the Mayo Clinic says that even though you love sharing your bed with your […]


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Indoors And Out: Combating Allergies

It’s weed and grass pollen time, and a lot of us are feeling the need for a sneeze. And just when we think we’ve come inside to safety from the dangers of the great outdoors, are […]


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CPAP Machines And Sleep Apnea

If someone you love is complaining about your snoring or that you sound like you just stop breathing when you’re asleep you might want to see if you have sleep apnea…


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Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Are you or someone close to you having a baby soon? Here are some pregnancy myths that have been debunked.


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Airplane Rides Are A Dirty Business

Ever felt sick after an airplane ride? Before you take your next flight, you may want to take along a little extra hand sanitizer. New research shows bacteria can hang around on airplane surfaces for more than a week.


Sun Tanning

Lather On The Sunscreen To Prevent Skin Cancer

The sun is out, pretty much, so lather up with the sunscreen – seriously. The importance of sunscreen cannot be overstated! The number one cause of skin cancers, and aging, and damage to the skin is sun exposure.