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Texting Hurts Our Backs, Killing Cravings By Tapping, And The Dangers Of Energy Drinks

Texting is hurting our backs The more we hunch over to check emails or play solitaire blitz, the heavier our head gets  (up to 50 pounds at a 45 degree angle) and the more our spines […]


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Stand-Don’t Sit, Your Shoes Should Fit, And Keep Well Lit!

Stand, Don’t Sit Beware the sitting disease! Seriously, get up and move around if you have a chair job — doctors are warning us that the effects of sitting so long are as bad as […]


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Good Back Health

OH MY ACHING BACK! Sound familiar? Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people go to the doctor. If you’ve hurt your back, you’re not alone – I pulled mine just getting […]


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Screen Time, Fake Eyeballs And The Evils Of Soda Pop

Screen Time And Your Children A new medical study says too much screen time is messing with your kids sleep – it’s that nasty blue light from computers and smart phones and tablets. You can […]


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Turning Back The Clocks And Getting Enough Sleep

You know what I like? A good excuse for sleeping… We’re turning the clocks back on November 2nd. Yes, it gets darker sooner, but the upside: we get an extra hour of that precious sleep […]