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Honeybadger Don’t Care: An Interview With Randall

Guess who’s an environmentalist? Randall! The guy behind the notorious Honey Badger videos. He started a whole new genre of comedy narration starring both bad-ass badgers and sleeping goats. We knew he was an animal […]


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Holiday Shopping The Local Way

For those of you doing it now, do it locally – we’re talking about Holiday shopping!   Go for locally made chocolates, scarves, and, make sure you get your music from your local record store. […]



Winterize Your Home: Save Bucks And The Environment

Seal it up and get caulking around the house. Simple leaks can sap your home energy efficiency by 5% to 30% a year. That means it pays to seal up gaps with caulking and weatherstripping. […]



A Green Daily Checklist

Just a few things to ask yourself to do, that will help reduce our environmental impact and save us a few bucks. 1. Do I compost my food scraps? (If taken to the dump they […]


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Support Your Local Farmer

All you have to do is shop at your local farmers markets.  And, most of them stay open all year long to sell honey, meats, veggies and some sensational baked goods. Eating locally grown stuff […]