69 New Emojis Coming Soon – Find Out The Best

Another emoji update is coming, and it’s everything you could hope for.

These emojis are getting quite specific as more and more updates come out. The best surprise in this update is the addition of mythical characters  – I mean, when don’t you want to send a merman or elf to your friend?

Also added to the list are plenty of new emotions, activities and food options. Let us give you a run-down of the best of the best:

The most unique: Blond-haired elf  (The Lord of the Rings, anyone?)

The best new animal: Hedgehog (sorry dinosaurs, you don’t count)

Coolest new activity: Rock climbing

The most misunderstood: A woman or man in a steamy room (it actually looks like he or she is holding a spoon naked – if we’re being honest)

That food that you’ve always wanted to send: pretzel

The best new face: Face with monocule – because we all want to look smart and old fashion

The best nod to diversity: Person with headscarf (finally!)

The release date for the new set is scheduled to roll out in mid-2017. Unicode Consortium is responsible for choosing the new emoji across across all platforms, these are only rough drafts and may still undergo further changes.



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