Brady’s Stupid Jerseys Found, Queen’s New Monopoly Game, Hagar Wants Roth-Van Halen Reunion

Two of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jerseys have been Found In Mexico

The FBI and the NFL now have custody of the jersey he wore in the last Super Bowl in Houston – worth half a million bucks. They’ve got another jersey, too-  from Super Bowl 49 – that’s the one where our Seahawks lost to the Patriots – the one we’re trying to forget!

Charges are pending against the suspect from Mexico, who hasn’t been identified, but they’re saying he’s a newspaper reporter. Come on man, I’ve got a press pass – that is something to respect, man!

Marijuana News Headlines

First up — pot advocate, actor and stoner, Woody Harrelson – says he’s put down the demon weed – a year ago.

In Vulture magazine Woody said, “Just 30 solid years of just partying too f****ing hard.”

Harrelson said he’s still a supporter of marijuana, even if he’s no longer partaking.

Next up Jimmy Buffett – he’s put the kibosh on the plans of a marijuana entrepreneur  who wants to name her company Marijuanaville – but the judge said, no – sounds too much like Margaritaville.

Rock Headlines

Queen – the band –is releasing their own version of Monopoly. The new game will be out in May and instead of becoming a real estate tycoon, you follow Queen’s career around the board and get famous.

Sammy Hagar wants to share the stage with David Lee Roth for a double-lead-singer Van Halen reunion. They’d each sing their hits and the “fans would die and go to heaven.” Sammy says he and Eddie Van Halen have work to do on their friendship but claims he wants to forgive and forget.


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