1.5 Callahan’s News: Cat Saves Buckley Sleepers, Snohomish Firefighters Save Ice-Walkers…

A cat has saved the lives of three people in Buckley – they were sleeping when their mobile home when it caught fire – smoke was filling up the single wide – no smoke detectors – then, the cat woke everyone up and the 3 humans broke out windows and escaped! Yay, cat. Full story here.

Now for Lynnwood firefighters: Yesterday afternoon two 15-year-old boys were walking out onto a partially frozen Lake Serene when they fell through the ice. One of the teens had managed to climb back onto the ice, but on his way back to shore, fell through a second time. He did manage to get out again and make it back to shore. But the other boy was still in the water. A Snohomish County Fire Fighter/rescue swimmer from District 1, got that boy out after he’d been in the water for 28 minutes.  Full story here.

Rock News
The President is gonna throw one last party before he leaves the White House. On the guest list – Bruce Springsteen, who the president gave a medal to this year, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Beyoncé and Jay Z and Eddie Vedder.

A few weeks back, Richard Sherman got into a verbal war with a local sports reporter – remember? So, yesterday, when he normally shows up for a press conference, he did not… he did talk to local sports gal Liz Matthews in the locker room and said that everyone else had made him mad lately so he didn’t plan to talk to local reporters en masse. He added,“I told you, you’re going to miss me when I’m gone. ”

A new study says that people who swear more often are more honest than those who don’t. Dropping 4-letter words means you care less about social rules. The study also says that swearing is the ‘unfiltered, genuine expression of emotions.’ Full Story here. 



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