10.7 Today On Jack: Richard Sherman, Larry The Cable Guy, AC/DC, Big Foot

During the bye week, Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman fielded some questions for The Players’ Tribune. Click here.

During an armwrestling match, Larry The Cable Guy broke some poor schmuck’s arm! Click here for the graphic video.

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson may be able to get back out on the road. The singer has been working with Stephen Ambrose of Asius Technologies on a new piece of equipment that would reduce the impact of Johnson’s high volume concerts. In a recent interview, Ambrose said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have something that Brian can use to return to the stage within the next six to 12 months.” Johnson was told to stop touring or risk of losing his hearing permanently.

Bald Eagle Cam Captures ‘Bigfoot’ Video: Some people are wondering if Bigfoot is roaming around the Michigan woods. Footage taken from a camera mounted above a bald eagle nest in Beaulah, Michigan, shows what appears to be a dark figure walking on two legs on a hill below. Like most images of Bigfoot, this one is grainy and difficult to make out, but it has plenty of people on social media guessing whether or not it is proof of the elusive creature.

From The Seattle PI -Traffic trouble: Viaduct and 520 bridge to be closed this weekend. Details here.


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