Seal Jumps Onto Boat To Escape Hungry Orcas [Video]

WARNING: THE ABOVE VIDEO contains many F-BOMBS. Not Safe For Work.

Anyway, it’s hard out there for a seal!

A tour boat off Vancouver Island was the saving grace for a seal who was trying to escape from Orca whales, who were in hot pursuit. The seal hopped onto the back of the boat, startling the humans onboard.

Tour guide Nick Templeman told Canada’s CBC News that, “This seal was tossed around a few times and taken under quite a bit before seeking refuge among the boats in the area. He got close enough to see us and beelined for the boat.”

At first they joke that they’ll throw the poor little guy back to the whales, but after staring into those puppy-like eyes, decided that saving him was the thing to do.

In the end, according to Canada’s CBC News, the seal outsmarted the orcas, thanks to its hiding spot on Templeman’s boat.

“It was an amazing and intense encounter — the seal is the survivor,” he said.

Read the full story here from Canada’s CBS News.


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