THIS GUY Is Advising Donald Trump?

According to The New York Times, former FOX News chief Roger Ailes — accused of sexually-harassing at least 20 women — is advising Donald Trump ahead of the presidential debates.

Beg pardon?

Just when it seems like this campaign couldn’t become more of a media circus, the real estate magnate turned GOP presidential nominee is turning to the former FOX exec for… well, we’re not totally sure.

The Times writes:

“Mr. Ailes’s intimate knowledge of how Fox News approaches debates could also give Mr. Trump an important edge should one of the network’s journalists be chosen to moderate one of the three events.”

“In a telephone interview late Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Trump said Mr. Ailes was not formally involved in his debate preparations, and chafed at the suggestion that he even needed to prepare for them. “I’ll speak with Roger, but this is not a formal thing,” Mr. Trump said. “I don’t have a debate coach. I’ve never had a debate coach.” He insisted that Mr. Ailes had “no role.”

Among women voters, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton currently holds a 23-point lead over Trump.

Something tells us this rumor isn’t going to help his case.





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